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Hi, I’m Giada Peterle.

I’m an Italian cultural geographer and comics author. I teach ‘Literary Geography’ and ‘Creative Communication and Landscape Storytelling’ at the University of Padua. Working on ‘narrative geographies’ in the emerging field of the geohumanities, my research interests lie in the interconnections between geography, literature, comics, creative mapping, narrative, and art-based practices.

I’m author of the book Comics as a Research Practice: Drawing Narrative Geographies Beyond the Frame (Routledge 2021) and my works have been published in international journals, among which Social & Cultural Geography and Cultural Geographies.

As a comics author I published the children book La geografia spiegata ai bambini (BeccoGiallo 2020) and co-edited with Adriano Cancellieri the comic book anthology on Italian peripheries Quartieri. Viaggio al centro delle periferie italiane (Becco- Giallo 2019). My newest geoGraphic project is title Lines. Moving with stories of public transport in Turku (BeccoGiallo 2021).

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